Have you ever run into someone who always has a beautiful perfume scent – no matter what time of day it is? Do you want that for yourself too? If you’re tired of spraying on your favorite fragrance just to lose the scent an hour later, lose no more! Here are tricks that will help you keep your fragrance lasting a lot longer.

Unscented lotion
Start out by using unscented lotion on the spot where you want to put the perfume. It acts as a bind to help the perfume stick.


Look to the hair
Hair can hold scents better than your skin can. If your hair is medium or long, you may want to think about spritzing a little on to the ends of your hair.

Spritz your clothes
If you want it to last a really long time, try adding it to your clothes. Don’t spray too much otherwise it may never wash out.

Use heavy bases
Scents with heavy bases will last longer than scents with light bases. Light bases would be anything with light molecules like citrus. They fade fast. Heavy bases are scents like vanilla, musk, floral and spices. They stick around longer.

Reapply When Needed
If you’ve followed some of the suggestions above, you should be able to make your scent last for a while. However, when it’s time go ahead and just reapply.

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