We all know how much of a lifesaver dry shampoo can be. From adding volume and texture to giving us an extra day in between hair washes, it can quickly bring limp hair to life, leaving it feeling instantly fuller and fresher. Worried about some of the ingredients in your usual bottle of dry shampoo? We’ve put together some of our favorite all-natural alternatives that are not only affordable and super accessible, but they’re also wholly chemical-free and often found in your home already!

Cornstarch is a great alternative to dry shampoo and is likely to already be in your pantry. It’s excellent at absorbing excess oils, leaving your hair looking and feeling less greasy once applied. Many people often create their own unique formula by adding cinnamon or cocoa powder depending on their hair color for a seamless blend once applied. To use, simply sprinkle through your parting and use a brush to distribute evenly or apply directly to your hair with a powder brush.

Baking Soda 
Baking soda is known for being incredibly versatile in both the cooking and beauty world. Known for eliminating stains and whitening teeth, it also makes the perfect dry shampoo. It not only works great as a traditional shampoo alternative in the shower, but it can be used dry in between washes to absorb odors and oils. It actually works to get rid of smells rather than just hiding or masking them, and it also helps with the ph levels on your scalp AND adds volume!

Like the cornstarch method, arrowroot can easily be mixed with cocoa powder or cinnamon to match your hair color. You can also add a little of your favorite essential oil for a nourishing effect and personalized scent. Arrowroot is fantastic at absorbing oils and unwanted moisture. It is another excellent all-natural alternative to a chemical dry shampoo.