It usually feels like we absolutely need a blender, but once we get one, we rarely use it. Do you have a blender sitting in your kitchen collecting dust? If so, you should try these recipes and put your blender to good use.

Milkshakes are super delicious, and a great summer treat. You can make a simple milkshake with 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream and one cup of milk or experiment with different flavor combinations. You can use a different flavor of ice creams like strawberry or chocolate or add some sliced-up fruit.

Hummus is super delicious and healthy. This spread makes for a great mid-day snack and is best when enjoyed with sliced vegetables like carrots and celery. The must-have ingredients are chickpeas and tahini, but you can experiment with flavors and add different spices like chili flakes or oregano.

Nut Butter
If you love peanut butter but hate all the preservatives that come in the jar when you buy it at the store, you should try making one by yourself. Simply blend up your favorite nuts and add salt to taste. You can also mix different nuts to create a richer and deeper flavor.

Pancake Mix
The boxed pancake mixture is never as good as the homemade one. You can quickly make the smoothest pancake mixture in your blender and keep it in the fridge, so you can use it whenever you crave something sweet.

You can make delicious cocktails super quick in your blender. Just add frozen fruit of choice, some lemonade and a shot of tequila or vodka. Then blend everything together and top it off with some ice. These are perfect after a long summer day when you want a refreshing cocktail but don’t want too much fuss.

Homemade Jam
If you have some fruit that is about to spoil, instead of throwing away, slice it up, then blend them until smooth. Add a few teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime to prevent the fruit from oxidizing, then cook it over medium heat and add sugar to taste.

If you like your salsa smooth and have some leftover bell peppers, you can make a homemade salsa that would be perfect for any movie night when paired with tortilla chips.