Taking pictures is a great way to keep your memories intact. If you want to look at your photos more often, you can use them in these DIYs and make original memorabilia.

Scrapbooking is a creative hobby that can allow you to relax and indulge in the creative process. You can use numerous things for scrapbooking like old newspapers, books, pictures, and threads. You can use your scrapbook as a memory journal and stick in everything that reminds you of a specific period. That way, when you look back, you will have a more in-depth experience than when just looking at photos.

Decorate Your Wall
You can bring some character into your room by sticking your favorite photos on your wall. You can use a polaroid printer to make them all the same size or put a black and white filter to help them look more uniformed. By placing some fairy lights, you can further decorate the wall and help it stand out.

Print Out Your Photos
Another great way to make use of your best photos is to print them out on different items. You can print out your pictures on purses, mugs, pillows, or t-shirts. Edit your photos beforehand to ensure they look the best when printed. You can also combine multiple images together before printing.

Decorate Your Phone Case
Your phone is always with you, so why not decorate it with your favorite memories? All you need to do is get a clear phone case. Then print and cut out your favorite photos. Place them inside the case, and you are done! You can stick them in place if you are afraid of them moving or falling out.

Do you have any photos of yourself that you just can’t stand? Try doodling over them, make it silly. This won’t only make you feel better, but it will look great as well. You can make a collage of photos with doodles on them.