Vanquish is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF) device that selectively targets fat with fine-tuned heat energy for safe and measurable cosmetic body treatments without the cost and recovery of surgery. Further, patients have universally reported high treatment satisfaction. The Vanquish is good for all skin types and literally breaks the fat cells apart.Here’s why Vanquish is so exciting:

  • Vanquish is a first-of-its-kind, non-surgical body treatment to “conquer the core” using a new clinical approach of sub-cutaneous or deep tissue heating with selective radio frequency (RF) energy to target fat. The patient can lose two inches or more and it takes about four to six treatment sessions.
  • Impressive and noticeable aesthetic results can be achieved on a problematic midsection area with four to six Vanquish treatment sessions, each lasting about 30 minutes, that can be scheduled once every week or two. For efficient functioning of the metabolic system, it is important that patients increase their water intake and are well hydrated before, during and for two days post treatment. For the average patient, this means drinking 10-12 glasses of water a day, so you will urinate the fat cells out.
  • Since the Vanquish applicator panels do not make direct contact with the skin, treatment is extremely safe, quite comfortable and without downtime or significant side effects—a most civilized way to achieve non-surgical body shaping. The machine panels are shaped like an upside down “υ” that you lay underneath.
  • Vanquish is recommended for patients over the age of 21 who desire aesthetic body treatment without the cost and recovery of surgery. It is most efficacious for those up to about 20+ pounds overweight wishing to improve problem areas around the midsection where exercise and diet have plateaued. It’s also great for patients who are having hormonal changes or have experienced their metabolism slowing down.

The breakthroughs:

  • It has the largest spot size, allowing for the largest treatment area in the industry.
  • Comfortable and non-surgical treatment—no anesthesia, no pain medication and no downtime is required for treatment
  • Short, focused, 30-minute sessions, generally scheduled two weeks apart over four to six sessions
  • Outstanding safety with only mild to moderate redness and/or swelling in the treatment area, which typically resolves in one to two hours
  • Affordable and convenient, approximately $750 per treatment session
  • Perfect for males and females (we have many couples come in together!)
  • Excellent for patients who need a jump start on their diet and exercise regimen
  • It is not a weight loss device, but inches lost make you look better in clothes and make you feel more confident.