It seems like almost overnight Vitamin C products became a staple of the savvy girl’s skincare routine. But do you really need a Vitamin C product in your own skincare routine? What does it actually do? We’re about to break down every part of a Vitamin C product and its benefits! That way, you know what you can expect using it and the best products to incorporate it into your daily ritual. One thing’s for sure, vitamin C delivers results!

The Benefits of Using Vitamin C

Alright, first of all, if you’re a vitamin C skeptic or think that skincare products are a bunch of marketing baloney, check out this time-lapse:

Convinced yet? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that defends against free radicals. It can protect skin against all the sun damage, although it definitely shouldn’t be used as a substitute for SPF. Also, it defends against skin pollution radicals and reverts some of the day’s damage.

Looking for another benefit? It supports collagen production. Yup that means its anti-aging properties keep your skin nice and supple. Not only is it preventative, but vitamin C also repairs previous damage, as the trusty apple demonstrates in the above timelapse. So, if you’re looking to boost brightness and reduce any age and brown spots, this is your skin ingredient of choice.

Before fully incorporating a Vitamin C product, ensure you’re not allergic and don’t have any sensitivities. If you normally have sensitive skin, proceed with caution. Start with a lower concentration and slowly increase to get your skin used to it.

Must-Try Vitamin C Products

Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask
As someone with sensitive skin, I was concerned about the high concentration (10%) of Vitamin C before trying it. Stunningly, this gel to cream formula delivered smooth, radiant results with zero irritation. My skin softened, brightened, and felt hydrated and toned for days.

C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum
Using Vitamin C as a serum is one of the most effective ways to infuse the vitamin into your daily skincare routine. Because you don’t wash it off, you’re getting long term benefits. This serum is 15% concentration l-ascorbic acid, which works fantastic on old acne scars in addition to make skin glow.

White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel
Not only does this peel smell great, but it’s also gentle on sensitive skin. The product is relatively pricey, but it’s useful in clearing up clogged pores and making skin smooth and radiant.

Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%
This formula comes with a super-friendly price tag, which is one of its major benefits. This is one of the higher l-ascorbic acid concentrations, so if you have sensitive skin, you might want to use a small amount or start with a different product. Mix the formula with a night cream to dilute the consistency. Otherwise, you might find the gritty texture offputting.

C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil
Not only does this lightweight oil come with Vitamin C, but turmeric adds additional brightening properties. It calms any redness and inflammation, but the oil takes a little longer to sink in, so use this before bed.

The OG of Vitamin C serums. The serum absorbs quickly and firms the skin almost instantly. The results come quick, with visibly brighter skin appearing as quickly as one week after continuous use.

Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask With Echinacea GreenEnvy
A super fun color-changing mask that not only delivers the Vit. C but also clears out pores with mineral-rich clay! Unlike many other clay masks, it’s not drying.