If you’re one of those people that can wake up every morning with perfect looking skin, I seriously envy you. I wake up every morning look like a tornado hit my room, and I didn’t budge. My hairs a mess, my eyes are puffy, and my skin looks overall dull.

The first thing I need in the morning is a cup of coffee to wake up my brain, and after that, I hit the skincare routine so that I can bring at least a little bit of life into my face. But sometimes, your skin needs more than your morning skincare products that are advertised to “wake up” your skin. You can do things in the morning that will wake up your skin without costing you a penny.

1Wash your face in the sink

A lot of people swear by washing your face in the sink and not in the shower. If you’re someone who showers in the morning, use your cleanser before you get into the shower and you might find that it wakes you up more than using it while you’re already in the shower.

2Keep your products cold

To be honest, I just needed a reason to buy one of those super cute skincare mini-fridges. But seriously, refrigerating your skincare products can bring their cooling and de-puffing effects to a whole new level and can really help wake you and your skin up.

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3Get your hands cold

Applying your products with cold hands is another excellent (and free) way to wake your skin up in the morning. Cold hands on hot skin are without a doubt startling, but when you’re trying to wake yourself up, it works great.


Yes, you can use caffeine on your face, too. As someone who loves coffee, not just for the flavor but for the smell, I’m all about caffeine inspired skincare products. Using products that contain caffeine is a great way to help with puffiness, swollen eyes, and redness all around.

5Ice cubes

Ice cubes are a given to wake yourself up, but they also can be used on your skin. If you wake up to extra puffy eyes, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and lightly press it under your eyes to help with de-puffing.