When’s the last time you had a really good facial workout? Don’t feel bad if your answer is never. Though growing in popularity, many still find it a foreign concept to have a workout penciled in for their face.

Facial exercise or face training is for…..you guessed it! Your face! And before I share with you the best facial workouts, allow me to share the benefits of it.

If the idea of training your waist and your butt are acceptable, then training your face is no exception. There are over 57 muscles in the face, so it’s amazing what you can do with them to keep them looking toned. The idea is, over time, you will be able to sculpt and maintain a youthful and defined face.

Curious about trying this for yourself? Here are some facial exercises developed by face trainer, Ericka Noldis, owner of Desired Face. This European workout facial is suppose to rejuvenate muscles. Check them out!

The eyes: With your hands, make a C around the eyes and with eyes shut, squeeze eye lids tight, then gently let go.

The cheeks: Smooth laugh lines by putting hand on cheeks and pulling top of upper lip.

The forehead: Place palm on eyebrows and raise eyebrows muscles.

The lips: Put palm against laugh lines and press and relax.

These exercises should be done with a trainer first to ensure accuracy. In addition to training, don’t forget to consume a healthy diet full of dark fruits and veggies. Also, drink plenty of water.

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