When you have 24 hours before the big snow storm hits, think fast about what is most important to you for a romantic weekend. Consider the next few days a chance to enjoy your personal couples retreat, and keep the time from turning into a “stuck-in-the-house-and-can’t-get-away-from-you” nightmare.

Nothing says romance like comfort and warmth. Would new sheets make you feel frisky? January white sales will let you indulge quickly. Losing power could turn your love nest into the interior of an Eskimo’s igloo. Is that cozy sleeping bag for two nearby? If flannels PJs are your idea of sexy, you can also find them on sale now. If bare skin is your preference, make sure your most luscious light-weight but toasty comforter is handy.

The ambience of candles set the right mood, and make sure they’re placed at a safe distance from your personal playground. Nothing is more distracting than lighting the house on fire when thrashing around happily. Wood for the fireplace? Check. Matches? Check. Are you lucky enough to have a spare generator? Not quite as romantic as candles and firewood, but still. Double check.

Comfort food is an essential. That pantry stash of canned tuna fish and bottled water is a necessity for survival but not your love life. If you don’t have time to make your own Mario Batali ribollita from scratch, you can still lay in a supply of your favorite hearty stew from the local gourmet grocer.  Get ready to break out your best bottle of really good wine. Plan on warm apple cider for the young kiddoes and rum toddies for the two of you.

Would a fresh manicure, pedicure, bubble bath or Brazilian wax make you feel even more lovely? Run now to your favorite salon before every other woman in town realizes she, too, wants a touchup. Would your partner feel the same about squeezing in some last minute grooming before your up close and personal weekend encounter?

And that brings us to one last idea to make the snowbound weekend a fun one. Clue your partner in on your plan in advance. There is nothing like the mood killer of finding out only when you’re ensconced that he plans on a) sleeping, b) catching up on a mound of paperwork or c) marathon sports binging.

Your guy may have an idea or two of his own to bring to the table or the bed or bathtub that may require a little outside preparation before the first flakes fall.

Delay until another day hashing out touchy big issues that have fight-provoking potential. Peace, love and harmony are the mood-setters you want right now.

And is this really the weekend you want to try out a new, exciting partner? What if the thrill wears off after the first couple of hours, and neither he nor you is getting up and going anywhere? This is not the weekend to discover you have absolutely nothing to say to each other. Then you are really in for a “stuck-and-can’t-get-away” downer.

The weather outside may be frightful, but here’s to a weekend that’s delightful!