If you’re Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, most days you think you’re doing everything right – jetting from Paris to Dubai to walk in a Chanel runway show, eating caviar and foie gras on a private plane, getting photographed naked in the shower dripping in diamonds. Then the Bad Thoughts start pouring in: Am I too old for this? Is Karl going to kick me out of his posse? The New York Times puts the nail in the world’s hottest coffin with a vaguely threatening profile of Brad Kroenig, male model and Lagerfeld’s longtime muse, entitled “The Jet Set Life of Karl Lagerfeld’s Favorite Male Model – For Now“.Kroenig is “the most senior and prominent member”of Karl’s Boys, the group of three hot, rich, and famous male models that accompany Uncle Karl on his work and play jaunts around the world. On the occasion of the profile, Hudson, Kroenig’s three-year-old son, was en route to Dubai to model the Chanel’s 2015 resort collection. This sounds fun! But stakes are introduced – Kroenig is 35. He’s left his Runway Model prime age long behind and entering the DILF years. What will happen to this poor aged male model when Lagerfeld tosses him like a brand new HermÄ—s scarf?Brad chooses to look on the bright side: Lagerfeld is Hudson’s godfather, and he refers to Karl’s Boys as family. The designer told the Times, “I have a sister in America who I haven’t seen for 40 years. Her children never even send me a Christmas card.” But that won’t happen with Brad and Karl. Brad’s son’s middle name is Karl. How could it?Here are some descriptions of Brad from the New York Times:

“If models were show dogs, Brad would be a golden retriever.”“He has a strong jaw, hazel eyes, and thick blond hair that seems perpetually windswept.”“Brad’s features are perfectly proportioned, with no apparent flaws or peculiarities.”“When he models, he looks like a Roman statue.”“Brad is unlike other models…”“At 35, Brad remains vigorously handsome.”

See, Brad will have a job forever. Don’t worry, Dad. I mean. Brad.Related:Calvin Klein Model Myla Dalbesio Responds to “Plus Size” ControversyYour Complete Explainer on Justin Bieber’s Retouched Bulge