It’s never been easier to buy a new nail color — at your local pharmacy alone, you have polish from major brands like Essie, L’Oreal Paris, and Revlon to choose from. Expand your reach to stores like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and online shopping and the possibilities are endless.All the choices means you can be picky if you want to, especially if it means shopping with your values. That makes it possible for smaller but significant brands, like La Pierre Nail Lacquers — which are “four-free,” crueltry-free and made with wooden caps so as to cut back on the use of plastic — to stand out. They even donate $1 per polish sold to the LIVESTRONG Foundation, in  honor of the founder’s mother, J.M. LaPierre, who lost her battle to cancer in 2014.Product: LaPierre Nail LacquersPrice: $9We Think:


How It Looks, How It Feels: LaPierre polishes come in a square bottle with a wooden square cap. I assumed the cap’s odd shape would make it difficult to hold, but that wasn’t true. In fact, it’s actually easier to have a larger cap to hold onto. I just applied the color I chose — Carbon Amore, a purple/midnight blue — and the usual two coats easily sufficed.Results: Right off the bat, I was impressed at the formula of the polish. Considering LaPierre is a smaller brand, I (wrongly) assumed the quality might be lesser. Yet i’s a very smooth, fluid and nice consistency that looks great on my nails. And perhaps due to the fact LaPierre polishes are “four-free,” it didn’t smell nearly as badly as other polishes.That all being said, even though I used a bottom coat and a top coat, my nails chipped in only a couple of days. That was fine for me because I change my polish every couple of days anyway. But some people expect their nail polish to last for a week without a chip.Still, I would happily buy LaPierre polishes again. They come in some beautiful and vibrant colors — everything from pastels to neons to your basic reds and pinks. And considering their heartfelt mission, as a consumer who tries to shop her values, they’re worth it.Disclaimer: I received LaPierre Nail Lacquer as a sample.READ MORE: We Tried It: Miliani Color Statement Nail LacquerREAD MORE: We Tried It: Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer