On nights when you feel like doing up your lips real fancy, you need a basic eyeshadow to keep your look balanced. I always prefer a shadow that brightens my lids but doesn’t make it look like I’m obviously wearing eyeshadow — in other words, something close to my natural skin color. My most recent go-to is a new Waterproof Creme Color from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which provides a light beige color with a hint of shimmer. It’s tasteful, pretty and waterproof in case of a sudden cry sesh/jump in the ocean.Product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme ColorPrice: $18 We Think: Easy to Use,  Worth the Splurge,   Pretty Color


How To Use It: These cream shadows come  in a small, attractive jar. You can use a brush or finger to sweep it over your lids; I prefer a brush, so I can more easily build the product on top of itself. One layer gives me a sheer, shimmery look, while two or three layers are my preferred amount for this “ultra-pigmented” product.Results: Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for her war chest of brow products (tweezers, pencils, stencils, etc.) so I was  excited to see her expanding into othertypes of  makeup: mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and powder and cream eyeshadow. Every product of hers that I’ve used has been well-made and this cream shadow is no different. The beige color, called Honey, is perfect to keep in your purse for a no-brainer touchup; other shades, like bright blue Azure or forest green Emerald, look more fun for a night out. (In that case, go easy on the lips, though!) Disclaimer: I received Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color as a sample.