Scheana Shay can take care of herself. She’s known as the voice of reason on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” and she has the most wholesome image of the forever-fueding bunch of LA cocktail servers — she even brought her mom to our interview. Now, she’s using what she’s learned with three seasons of self-applying TV makeup (plus a lifetime love of beauty) to launch her own makeup line.Scheana stopped by YouBeauty to chat about her collaboration with Starlooks (who also has a collab with Tara Reid!) and what makeup means to a young, hungry star.

YouBeauty: So tell us how you started the beauty line.

 Scheana Shay: In March, I performed at the Queen of the Universe pageant in LA, and Starlooks had sponsored the entire event. All the girls in the pageant wore Starlooks, and I was gifted with the bag. I loved the name, loved the product. A few months later I met with the owner about doing a signature line.  I didn’t know if it was actually going to be a thing — you know people talk a lot. I thought “yeah, sounds great, we’ll see.” And six months later I had products with my name on it.

Tell us a little about the products.

Right now I’m launching a “day look.” And then in late winter I’m going to be launching my “night look” with some darker colors and more of a smoky eye. Plus we have a brow kit, two blushes and two more lipsticks coming out around early February.

Have you always wanted to work with makeup?

Yeah. I’ve loved makeup since I was a very small child. I used to wear way too much and get in trouble. This is kind of like a dream come true. I picked out all my own colors.

Great! So tell me a little about appearing on “Vanderpump Rules.” Do you do your own makeup?

Yes, I do all my own hair and makeup. If I have like a big event or photo shoot I will get it professionally done. But I would say maybe only three times this whole season did I have my makeup professionally done. My birthday party, my wedding, maybe one other thing. I always do my own hair and makeup.I think on some of the “Housewives” shows, they get paid a lot more and they already have money. So they probably have someone that does their hair and makeup everyday. I can’t afford that, so I’ve just gotten really good at doing my own.

Is there anything specific about doing makeup for TV?

I think contouring is important. Because just with the lighting and the angles, I think it’s good to always highlight your cheekbones. And my little trick is the bronzer – that’ll be part of my night line with an angle brush. My cheekbones, that’s one thing I do everyday. It’s a quick little trick, and it makes all the difference.

You work at a restaurant so you must have dealt with long shifts. Do you have any tricks for long-lasting makeup?

I use a pot liner in brown for day and in black at night. That’s great in your water line. I wear contacts and its never gotten on my contacts. It lasts very long; I’ve cried with this makeup on, and its great. I constantly take pictures my whole shift. So I need to make sure I’m pretty much camera-ready everyday to go wait tables.

The price point in these is really nice too, its very reachable.

What we’re going to do too is a discount code for my fans and followers, you know, type in code SCHEANA and get 15% off your first purchase or something like that. [Ed. Note – They gave us a promo code to share with YouBeauty readers! Use SLXSM20 for 20% off until January 7th.]

So what’s next for you?We’re thinking about doing a look for a teacher or a mom or something that’s a little lighter because this can still be kind of heavy, the blush, the lipstick and the eyeshades are still a little dark. I’m thinking of maybe doing a look after my night look, maybe a summer or a fall for when we film [“Vanderpump Rules”] next season hopefully and just show what I’m doing outside of waiting tables.This interview has been condensed and edited.