You stayed up late watching too many Netflix episodes of “Orange is the New Black” and you’re paying for it this morning. Puffy, swollen eyes are simply not a good look for any season. Considering I fall victim to this exact scenario a little too often, believe me when I tell you that I’ve scoured Sephora stores for anything to deflate undereye bags. You can only imagine my excitement after finding Puff Off! eye gel, which visibly worked, allowing me to continue my Netflix marathons knowing I’ll have a quick fix in the morning.Product: Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off!Price: $29We Think:


How to Use It: Puff Off! comes in a small squeezable tube. One, light squeeze of the eye gel should be enough to cover the entire undereye area. Dot product on the skin and then lightly glide the “ironing tip” over product until it’s thoroughly smoothed out. For days when you need an extra undereye boost, reapply through out the day to soothe and brighten.Results: Packed with one serious peptide blend and much-needed, light-defusing particles, Puff Off! quickly reduced my puffiness and even made fine lines appear less noticeable.  The formula also absorbed within seconds without any sticky residue.If these results weren’t impressive enough, the absolute best part about the gel was the cooling sensation I felt under each eye as I applied it.  It was fantastically energizing and refreshing! Maybe it’s a mental thing, but the cold tip of the applicator felt like exactly what I needed to “wake up” my eyes.However, even though Puff Off! worked wonders on undereye bags, it should be noted that my dark circles weren’t covered up entirely. This product doesn’t claim to improve dark circles, though, so you’ll also need to invest in an undereye concealer. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy with this eye gel’s effect on my tired eyes.Disclaimer: I received Puff Off!  as a sample.