The Body Shop is getting in on the “five-free” and vegan nail polish game.Product: The Body Shop Color Crush nail polishPrice: $8We Think:


How It Looks, How It Smells: Color Crushes come in pretty round bottles with flat tops — making them easily stackable in a way that OPI and Essie polishes will never be.  The polish dried quickly and had a pleasingly glossy finish.How To Use It: It’s pretty simple! I tried a lovely cornflower blue shade called Got The Blues and two coats (plus a top and bottom coat) was all I needed.

The Body Shop Color Crush Nail Polish

Results: The 24 new Color Crushes polishes are vegan and “five-free,” yet in doing so The Body Shop did not sacrifice quality: my nails looked perfect one full week after an at-home manicure before my polish got the tiniest bit chipped. Even my husband, not known for being observant about beauty products, remarked to me a few days in that my manicure was miraculously still intact.Of course, the longevity could be credited to using top and bottom coats — which were both from Julep, although The Body Shop makes a combination top and base coat, also $8. But I was nevertheless impressed by The Body Shop nail polish and I got many compliments on my cute nail color. I’m excited to try more colors soon, particularly The Body Shop Green (a forest green) and Crazy For Blue (a dark navy blue)!I tried The Body Shop Color Crush as a sample, but I would happily purchase it on my own.