Finding an eyeshadow color that works for you can be tricky. You can learn a thing or two from YouTube, but learning how to put on eyeshadow is challenging. I mean, there are specific colors that have to go on specific areas, creamy eyeshadow versus powder, and a whole lot of other confusing stuff to know.

However, an excellent way to make putting on eyeshadow easier is by using colors that highlight your eye color. That’s the point of eyeshadow, anyway. To bring out your eyes. So for those beginning to venture into the eyeshadow world, here are the colors to use for every eye color:

Brown Eyes

Luckily for brown eyes, just about every color looks good and will make your eyes pop. Neutral colors like bronze and gold will elegantly highlight brown eyes, while brighter colors like purple or green will add a touch of color. Regardless of the color you choose, it’s going to look good with brown eyes.

Try the Bronzed AF Eyeshadow palette by Catrice x Eman to make your brown eyes pop.

Green/Hazel Eyes

Some of the best eyeshadow colors for people with green or hazel eyes are pink and purple tones. Purple will bring out gold hues in hazel eyes and make the color of green contrast against the purple. Also, a tip for eyeliner for people with green or hazel eyes is to go for lighter colors, such as charcoal or brown, for a less drastic look.

Try the MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette inProvocouture for green/hazel eyes.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are naturally vibrant and don’t need all that much help to accentuate, but some colors can help. Eyeshadow colors with orange undertones will make blue eyes pop in all the right ways. In general, people with blue eyes should go for more neutral, warm colors, like browns and grays. A bright color can take away from the natural blue of the eyes.

Use the Come Fly With Me Eyeshadow Kit by Jane Iredale for blue eyes.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are not common, so knowing the right colors can be tricky! Smoky shades look best with grey eyes and enhance them even more than they naturally are. Colors like light blue and steel gray work best with gray eyes.

The Rock Chick by Charlotte Tilbury works very well with gray eyes.

Dark Brown Eyes

People with dark brown eyes look amazing with super pigmented eyeshadow looks. Colors like silver and violet contrast with brown eyes and make them pop. Go for palettes with shimmery and glittery shades for a subtle but fun makeup look.

NARS Voyageur Eyeshadow Palette Mini in Quartz is great for dark brown eyes.