The body needs sugar in moderate quantities. But, its overconsumption can create medical complications that no one needs. Everyone gets sugar cravings, some more often than others, and while it may seem like you cannot deal without the sugar, there’s a much healthier way of curbing your sweet tooth. And no, it doesn’t involve cake.

Do a Diet Analysis

The first step would be to analyze your diet. Are you depriving yourself of foods that contain sugar, or are you overindulging them? Next, what sugars are you consuming? Are you doing more of organic sugars like fruits, or you’re doing more of processed sugars like ice cream and dairy?

Whatever the case, you’ll need proper diet management, so you do not end up slipping. There are a lot of diet plans you can get on, which will require you to consume fewer amounts of sugar-filled foods while increasing healthy fats. While this may not sound great to people on strict non-fat diets, it can be very efficient in ridding you of your sweet tooth.

A quick fix

There’s a certain satisfaction that fat consumption gives an individual. It reduces one’sone’s appetite and eliminates the craving for any food, sugary, or not. However, like anything else, you shouldn’t be overindulging in fat to curb the sugar. Consuming fatty foods will definitely spike your calorie intake since these foods are typically calorie-dense. But it will give you a quick fix and not increase your sugar levels.

Some of these fatty foods you can consume include unsweetened coconut flakes, nuts, coconut butter (the one that tastes like frosting), and avocados. It’s important to note that sugar doesn’t only come in its obvious counterparts like soda, candy, cookies, or ice cream. There are tangible amounts of sugar buried in ketchup, granola, protein bars, and even pasta sauce. So, take a minute or two to go through the labels to prevent consuming sugar additives.

Having a sweet tooth can lead you to consume excessive amounts of sugary foods on a daily basis, which can spike your sugar levels and lead to severe health complications. Fat, on the other hand, will keep you satisfied and eliminate your cravings. But to maintain your weight, make sure you consume in moderation and pair with some light workout routines.