You’ve probably heard of permanent makeup like microbladed brows, but the realm of permanent makeup goes well beyond there.

You can have a permanent lip tint, winged liner, and even lash line enhancement. But, what is that?

Well, it is a subtle procedure that does what it claims. It enhances the lash line. Rather than applying eyeliner to the waterline or lash line, it tints that area with black or brown to make the lashes appear thicker.

But, it isn’t harsh. It won’t give you the look of actual makeup. It is softer than that. If you took an angled makeup brush and applied a dark brown powder between the lashes, that would be the closest to the look of lash line enhancement.

The line of pigment is thin but soft and would go unnoticed by most. Many people may comment that your eyes look amazing, but not be sure why.

Most salons will charge four to five hundred dollars for this. the procedure takes about two hours but could be longer depending on how much your eyes water. The technician uses pigment to darken the lash line. It feels like the world’s sharpest eyeliner is being applied between the lashes, but you will be topically numbed to decrease the discomfort.

Whether you have long or short lashes, this procedure is suitable for everyone. This is ideal if you have sparse lashes, straight lashes, light lashes, or gaps. It adds the most subtle dimensions to the eyes and really draws attention to them.

Sure, this sounds intense. There is a needle going scarily close to your eyeball. But, trained and licensed technicians know what they’re doing. Your eyes are closed throughout the entire application. You don’t actually see the needle going near your eye. And if you’re nervous, you can keep your eyes shut the whole time in general, so you never see the needle.

Before your appointment, it is critical to wait six weeks after any lash lifts, lash tints, or lash extensions.

The healing process takes about a week. Your eyes will likely be watery and maybe a bit red right after the procedure. This should calm down in just a few hours. But, you should not wear any eye makeup until the area is fully healed, like shadow or mascara. Any disruption to the area with makeup or makeup removal can fade the pigment or irritate you.

When you return to wearing makeup, it is vital to use a new tube of mascara and clean makeup brushes to avoid an infection.

Furthermore, the first week may feel itchy. The top layer of pigment will flake off and may feel dry. You can apply a thin layer of ointment like Aquaphor to the area to combat the dryness. Do not pick at the flakes. Let them fall off on their own to ensure the line heals evenly.

During week two of healing, the color will fade, and you might think it is gone for good, but from day 14 to 30, the color will deepen again. About six to eight weeks after the procedure, you will return to the studio for a touch-up.

Is this something you’d consider? If you hate needles, maybe not. But for a couple of hours of some itchy lashes and a few days of healing, you can have this more wide-eyes look for up to three years. Is it worth it to you?