Ever wish you could skip washing your face at night, yet wake up with totally clean, radiant skin? What if we told you that you can? Cleasning your face without sudsing up your skin sounds too good to be true, but thanks to micellar technology, more skincare brands are making this fantasy a reality.Cleansing waters — detergent-free solutions that remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin all at once — have been around for a while now. But as more brands start to create their own versions of this handy product, the word “micellar” seems be called out more and more. So, we talked to a derm to get the scoop on what this science-y word really means, and if we really can do a thorough cleansing job with just a few swipes of a cotton ball.The basis of micellar technology is a particle called a micelle, which is made up of a little head and tail. “It looks like a lollipop,” explained Dr. Debra Luftman, clinical instructor of dermatology at UCLA and co-author of The Beauty Prescription. “The head is hydrophilic (loves water) and then tail is lipophilic (oil-loving).” When the micelles come into contact with your skin, the tails grab and trap oil and dirt in the micelle heads.The best part? “You don’t need any other water to wipe it away,” Luftman added. The simple act of swiping with a cotton ball or pad is all it takes. “It’s kind of like a magnet pulling off all the dirt, oil and makeup on your skin,” Luftman said.Micellar technology can be found in both cleansing oils and waters. Luftman noted that with waters, like the new , you avoid any possibility of leaving behind residue. And the biggest advantage is the convenience factor: You don’t need to wash it off after — with an oil, you do.”“The water is going to increase specific water hydration in the skin,” she added. “It’s cleansing and hydrating the skin at the same time; it’s very gentle.” The Simple Skincare cleanser is made with triple-purified water, which gets rid of any contaminants that could possibly irritate the skin, and includes vitamin C and pro-vitamin B, to soften.Luftman also noted that it’s great to use in the morning. “Not everyone needs to use a cleanser in the morning,” she said. “But the cleansing water is very refreshing to the skin and not stripping.” It’s a simple way to just freshen up, soften the skin, and add a little boost of moisture before applying makeup.Whether you’re constantly on-the-go or just tend to slip into bed without washing your face (tsk, tsk), keeping a cleansing water with micellar technology on-hand is an efficient way to get clean and clear skin.A few micellar cleansing waters we recommend:



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