When Elle tells you to treat your hair like asparagus and blanch your tresses, do you listen? You bet you do! And when Elle is giving you advice from the man who makes Gisele Bündchen and Priyanka Chopra look fabulous, you do try this at home.

This is how style expert Harry Josh will make your tresses shine in just five minutes after you shampoo.


First, reach back into your 1970s closet for mousse. You know, that stuff that your squeeze out of an aerosol can and that turns into white goop in your hand? Yes, the very same mousse your mother swore by to give you volume throughout your day.

Second, if you don’t have enough time to dry your whole head, work on just the roots of your hairs from the center section from your forehead to the nape at the back of your neck. Think of the old-fashioned Mohawk and aim for that area of your head. Drying those roots will ensure that you have volume and lift for the entire day. Trust Josh.

Third, now that you’ve dried those roots, blanch your hair. Taking your hair by one little section at a time, blast your tresses at the root with hot air and then switch to a blast of cold air to set it. Think of how asparagus retains bright color when you move it from hot water to an ice water bath. This will give your hair surprising volume.

For more on Elle’s inspired idea, take a peek here. And thanks to Leah Chernikoff for finding Josh.