Instagram/Marc Jacobs

In a quest to make social media more shoppable (the current obsession of every brand), Marc Jacobs Beauty developed its own app to make damn sure you can buy their beauty products via Instagram.

Instagram itself doesn’t allow for click-through links, so Marc Jacobs has found a way to reach users through the thumbs-up function, Fashionista explained. The instructions, as detailed on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website, are simple:

Step one, sign up with Marc Jacobs with your Instagram handle and email address.

Step two, like any @marcbeauty Instagram post with tag #shopmjb.

Step three, you’ll get an email with the product and a link to buy.

Will personalized emails from brands we like on social media be the new way to purchase beauty goodies, clothes, housewares — heck, anything? It part remains to be seen. But kudos to Marc Jacobs Beauty for trying.