In the new 15-second trailer for “50 Shades of Grey” we learn that Christian Grey wears the exact same suit every day, a la someone with undiagnosed OCD or any cartoon character. The man is CEO of a major corporation yet doesn’t own one red-and-green tie for the holiday party? If closets are your thing, get ready to be very turned on for exactly 15 seconds:As part of my personal mission to largely write about “50 Shades of Grey” from now until February, here are 15 closets that are more interesting that Mr. Grey’s:

1. Brian Atwood’s basically empty closet

2. Russell Simmon’s “I’m a mogul” closet

3. Turtle from “Entourage”’s sneaker closet

4. Doug Funny’s closet full of sweatervests

5. Donald Duck’s closet full of sailor suits

6. Any closet with Miranda Kerr in it

7. Carrie Bradshaw’s old closet

8. Carrie Bradshaw’s new closet

9. Sarah Jessica Parker’s real closet

10. The kustomizable kloset in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

11. Trapped in the Closet

12. The closet of an Extreme Couponer

13. Eminem, post-”Cleaning out My Closet”

14. The Closet

15. This MTV “Cribs” celebrity closet supercut