Celebrity Hair Age: The Good, The Bad

Obviously one of the first things we notice about a woman—and especially a famous one—is her hair. But while we’ve got red carpet critiques for days, there’s not usually a lot of commentary about how hairstyles can age someone, in both directions. Click through for evidence of the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty.

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1Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee is the perfect example of a cut working perfectly in tandem with color. We love that she embraces her gray (and what a great shade it is) but the youthfulness of her edgy, short cut keeps her looking far younger than her years.

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Fergie’s bun is not doing her any favors in the youth department—it’s too tight, causing her face to look more worn. She’d do much better to try something looser if she wants to go the top knot route.

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3Reese Witherspoon

She may be forever young in our hearts, but the fact is that Reese is an over-35 mom of three, but she never looks it. Those sideswept bangs are a perfect way to hide any fine lines on the forehead without going for Botox.

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4Taylor Swift

While bangs can make you look younger (see Reese Witherspoon in the previous slide), they can also add a more sophisticated touch to a younger star like Taylor. The full-bangs are very de rigeur and they also make us look at Tay as something other than a lovestruck teen. She’s actually 23!

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5Leslie Mann

a href=”https://www.youbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/400x600_vertical_gallery_LeslieMann.jpg”>

The actress doesn’t try to hide her age—her new movie is called “This is 40” after all. But that doesn’t mean she wants to look 40! Her warm honey shade of blonde is very age-appropriate and looks cool without being trendy. Plus, she wears it long…but not too long.

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6Demi Moore

Speaking of too long locks, Demi’s are very enviable for their shine and health. But they also scream “I’m trying really hard to look like I’m in my 20s!” We think a few inches off the bottom wouldn’t hurt.

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7Tori Spelling

There is such a thing as too blonde, even in Hollywood. The platinum tone of Tori’s ‘do is drawing attention to any wear and tear her skin might have. If she warmed it up just a little, it would soften her entire appearance.

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8Emma Stone

Sometimes young Hollywood actresses have to remind people that while they may still play high school students, they’re actually young women in their 20s. Case in point: the gorgeous Emma Stone. She picks a perfect style to make her look glam and ladylike, without going too matronly.

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9Marion Cotillard

Mais non! Marion on the other hand somehow picked a style that makes her look like an aging and strict headmistress at a boarding school. The Oscar winner is way too good for that, unless it’s for a movie role.

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10Rita Wilson

It’s impossible to tell exactly how old Mrs. Tom Hanks is…and we mean that as a huge compliment. Her waves, center part, and mild ombre color look modern but not hipster. Plus the loose style softens all the lines around her face.

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11Michelle Williams

Michelle carries this look so well as a young (ish) actress. But the fact is she could wear this style for the rest of her life and it would still look great. Well chosen.

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12Carrie Underwood

Country stars are known for their love of big hair, but this style looks better suited for an older icon like Dolly Parton and not one of the young, fresh faces of Nashville.

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13Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf no more! As soon as she wrapped “Gossip Girl,” Leighton chopped her hair into this super modern bob. It ages her up just enough, without giving her a soccer mom vibe.

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14Miley Cyrus

When you’re young (ahem, 19!) sometimes you can just get away with styles others cannot. We don’t suggest trying Miley’s cropped platinum cut at home (without much consideration) but it sure does work for her. At least until she’s 21…

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