Anne Hathaway’s Style Evolution

Come Christmas Day, you’d better believe we’ll be shoveling popcorn in our mouths while watching “Les Miserables,” arguably the holiday season’s most eagerly-anticipated movie. Check out this star—who plays the les doomed heroine, Fantine—through the years.

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Ever wonder where Angelina got her inspiration? Here at the 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Hathaway pre-dates the leggy look. We’re not 100 percent sold on the cut of this dress for her triangle body shape, but props to her for having the confidence to show off her stems.

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Perhaps she was so afraid she’d be snapped wearing the wrong bra size that she decided to eschew them altogether. Yikes!

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Triangle body shapes like Hathaway’s “have a slender upper body, so your instinct might be to show it off with slim-fitting shirts,” says celeb stylist Sam Saboura. But…smaller tops can throw off your body’s balance and make your bottom half look bigger than it is, as can unfortunately-placed chevron stripes draping over your hips.

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Here, on MTV’s “TRL,” she finally gets it right with a much more balanced, all-black silhouette. The hair, though. Although long, loose hair is usually a beacon of youth, the awkward side part here is making her look older than her years.

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Hello lady in red! Here’s why all (male) eyes were on her that night: A recent study found that men rate women wearing red clothing as more sexual, possibly because they associate the color with fertility.

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At the Venice Film Festival, Hathaway debuts some serious fringe benefits. The key to her success here? While blunt bangs can be a little overpowering, this soft, slightly layered cut blends into the rest of her hair for a more natural look.

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We love how these statement glasses perfectly frame her eyes, but it isn’t that surprising: Women with almond-shaped eyes tend to get away with more. “Ideally, most women want to make their eyes appear almond shaped,” says MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton.

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At the Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner, Hathaway bravely shows off her extra cropped new ‘do (clipped thanks to her role in Les Miz). As she gears up for the long growing-out period ahead, she might want to stock her pantry with vitamin and mineral-rich beans, leafy, green vegetables, and nuts to help speed along the process.

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How adorable does she look all movie star “off duty” at the Stella McCartney resort show in NYC? On her oval-shaped face, slightly cat-eyed, angular glasses make sense because in general, you want to aim for styles that are the opposite of your face shape.

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Fast-forward one year post-hair cut at the “Les Miserables” world premiere and it all comes together—between being perfectly dressed in a stunning number that makes the most of her body type and the slimming, elegant side-swept hairstyle, she looks anything but tragic.

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