You may have felt a ripple in the ground beneath you this weekend. That shift was the force of Zayn Malik‘s hair falling mightily to the ground for his first haircut in a year. “Here Ya go,” wrote Malik on Twitter. The butterfly effect began.

While the grizzled 22-year-old was in the studio slaving away on his fifth studio album with One Direction (according to MTV), the younger, fresher, sneakier Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer has shaved off his beard in an attempt to play with the big boys, hair-wise. Nice try. 

Remember Zayn’s magestic loose strand of hair? Are you team #RIPASHTONSBEARD? Or are you team #LOYALTY and #RESPECT? Are you really going to move on to some 20-year-old, just because Zayn got a cut and you weren’t sure if he still had his manbun? I have one word to describe you:

Sick …

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