Silicone has moved away from breast implants and onto our … toothbrushes! FOREO, the same brand who brought us the FOREO LUNA face brush that many a skincare fanatic is addicted to, just released the FOREO ISSA electric toothbrush. It claims to significantly brighten teeth using non-abrasive, silicone bristles.

The reasoning behind using silicone is that the texture causes friction. Just try rubbing it against any smooth surface and you’ll see just how hard it is to actually move: When rubbing this toothbrush against your teeth, it grips against each tooth, successfully using friction to remove stains and plaque instead of using a scratching action.

Another benefit? Silicone is nonporous; therefore, it’s resistant to bacteria buildup, making it 35% more hygienic than a regular toothbrush made with nylon bristles. The fast-drying texture also doesn’t allow your toothbrush to turn into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria lying around on your sink.

Silicone is also great for those with sensitive teeth. Bristles are flexible and soft so it’s gentle enough for people who scrub too hard with their toothbrush. Brushing with too much force can lead to receding gums and increased sensitivity, but with silicone bristles, this problem is entirely eliminated.As an added bonus, these electric toothbrushes are lightweight, waterproof, and barely ever need to be recharged (one full charge is worth six months of brushing!). At $199 a toothbrush (or $120 for the child’s version), though, they’re truly a luxury item!

Plus, enter now for your chance to win a FOREO LUNA MINI or FOREO ISSA here!

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