We are all looking for that bright and glowing skin that celebrities have. Although most of them go the extra mile trying crazy expensive skincare regiments, there are some simple beauty secrets you can include in your daily routine that every celebrity aesthetician swears by.

Toner is your friend

Many beauty aestheticians swear by this. Using toner at least once a day after you wash your face helps you get rid of any dirt and impurities that your cleanser couldn’t remove, helping you maintain better skin moisture and keep our pores nice and clean.

Always wear SPF

Sun protection is incredibly important. Harmful sun rays cause skin aging and dark spots, amongst other unwanted side effects. Doubling up on your sun protection by using sunscreen and vitamin C serums allows you to shield your face from the harmful free radicals.

Use all-natural ingredients

Sometimes the best thing you skin needs is some gentle, natural products help soothe and heal your skin better. “I use chamomile tea on my face as a rinse when my skin is feeling sensitive,” Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection told Women’s Health magazine.

Get rid of cellulite

A simple coffee ground and olive oil scrub before your shower is an excellent and affordable way to treat cellulite and limit its appearance. “Apply the grounds directly to the affected area, then wrap it with kitchen plastic wrap and let the grounds sit in place for about 30 minutes. Remove the wrap and wash away the grounds,” says celebrity aesthetician Gina Mari.

Use anti-age cream on your hands

“Hands are often neglected in the beauty routine, and they definitely show signs of aging,” says Marta Camkiran, esthetician at Haven Spa in New York. Put an anti-aging product on your hands and rub in excess skincare products to the back of your hands after application to the face.

Make time for at-home facials

“Facial masks are often tossed to the side because of time constraints, but can be so important—so I will use them during my shower,” says Sandra Umstead, an aesthetician at Spa Grand Traverse. “I put it on before I get in and rinse before I get out.”

Layer your makeup correctly

Waiting for a few minutes between makeup products is very important, according to aesthetician Niecy McCoy “[It] needs time to absorb,” she adds, “And if you over-massage it into your skin, you’re really just rubbing it off of your face.” She also waits before applying the foundation. “It will sometimes flake up in your foundation or keep the foundation from setting properly.”