Hailey and Justin Bieber have been all the talk since they first tied the know back in September 2018, but with their actual wedding ceremony, they have only gotten even more popular.

Hailey and Justin celebrated their wedding a few weeks ago in a beautiful ceremony with all their friends and family. Shortly after the wedding, Hailey shared close-up details of her incredible wedding dress, which left all of our jaws on the floor. I mean, you can’t expect anything less from THE Hailey Bieber, can you?

A few days ago, Vogue shared a video of all the last-minute wedding dress prep Hailey did before the big day. The prep included a final dress fitting in Los Angeles to make sure everything was perfect.

Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh was the one who is credited with designing the iconic dress and nailed everything down to the details.

“What I think is most important for her on this day is showcasing the woman that she is,” Virgil said in the video. “I’ve known Justin for a couple of years as well too, and I wanted to make something that made him look in Hailey’s eyes and see that she’s the most beautiful woman for him.”

I mean, it’s pretty obvious how in love Justin is with Hailey. Just take a look at either of their Instagrams and you’ll understand.

The dress took 10 people to create but the hard work is clearly shown. Hailey basically started the athleisure trend and that part of her is very clear in the style of the dress. The ornate details of the dress are what really blew it out of the park, including pearls in the shape of Off-White’s iconic logo and the phrase “‘Till Death Do Us Part” stitched on the end of her veil. Talk about making a statement.

If you’re curious about what else went into Hailey Bieber’s incredibly unique wedding dress, check out the Vogue video yourself: