We’ll always root for the power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The lovebirds met way back during their “That ’70s Show” days when they were just teenagers. The couple reconnected their romance in 2006 and got hitched in 2015. They now are parents to two kids.

Despite the countless tabloids that claim the pair has split, they continue to deny all and any such claims. The iconic couple must be used to the drama by now, and have denied the most recent rumors in the most typical fashion: with an Instagram video.

Kutcher posted to his Instagram a quick clip of him and Kunis teasing the breakup rumors.

“It’s over between us?!” Kutcher asks Kunis, mockingly. “Oh my god. What are we gonna do?” Kunis responds by pointing to a screenshot of a magazine tabloid that claims “she felt suffocated” during their relationship and that she “took the kids.” Meanwhile, Kutcher was supposedly hiding a “very dark secret.”

Yeah, right. Secrets don’t exist between this power couple. Their love is as strong as it was for Jackie and Kelso.