Beyoncé has a fan following like few others. With over 135 million Instagram followers and enough support to break records with every song she releases, Beyoncé may seem untouchable.

But at the end of the day, Beyoncé is just like you and I (you know, besides the millions of dollars). And even with her insane fan following, she too faces scrutiny from society.

Beyoncé teased an upcoming Ivy Park collection with Adidas through a series of Instagram photos. All posted consecutively in true Beyoncé fashion. She is the cover of Elle’s January 2020 issue and got candid in her interview about her experiences with life and love.

“In moments of vulnerability, I try to remind myself I’m strong and I’m built for this,” Beyoncé said in the interview. The ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview revealed a side of Beyoncé we seldom see. She stated how she has made it a point to stay true to herself throughout all the scrutiny she faces.

“The more I mature, the more I understand my value. I realized I had to take control of my work and my legacy because I wanted to be able to speak directly to my fans in an honest way. I wanted my words and my art to come directly from me. ” She said in the interview. “There were things in my career that I did because I didn’t understand that I could say no.” She added, “We all have more power than we realize.”

In addition to the insightful wisdom she gave throughout the interview, Beyoncé answered her fair share of casual questions that we’re just as interested to know the answer to. And thankfully to Elle, we now know that Beyoncé is grossed out by people who smack their lips when they eat, would be a whale over all other animals, and could eat Oreos for a week straight.

Interviews like this, with someone as influential as Beyoncé is, remind us that even the highest celebrities are human, too.

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