I am personally a big shopper. When shopping for gifts to surprise the loved ones, I like to go that extra mile to find them something they will find very practical and will often use. Although, that can be particularly hard for the guy in your life because you will often feel like he has it all. It will still be gratifying when you surprise him with the gifts on this list.

1Gift basket

Men love gift baskets! You can fill it up with almost anything they will enjoy or use regularly. Fill it up with their favorite snacks, their favorite shampoo or shower gel, and even some socks. The choice is all yours, and you can even pick everything out to match a specific color scheme.


Wireless headphones work for everybody. If he’s the fitness type, he’ll use them every day during his workout. If he’s a gamer, then he will surely use them all day. Or if he takes long commutes to work, I’m sure he will enjoy listening to some music or his favorite podcasts.

3Video game kit

Every guy’s dream come true, to have a basket full of his favorite snacks, drinks, and his favorite video games.

4Tool knife

Any multipurpose tool knife that can either fit in his pocket or his wallet will come in handy. He won’t believe how many times he will use it and how it will make his life easier.


Every man loves to smell fresh and pleasant. Getting them their favorite cologne or any designer perfume of your choice will make them very happy.

6Portable charger

When talking about practicality, smartphones come to mind. We tend to use them every day and all day, and sometimes we find ourselves with a 2% battery and not a single charger in sight. It happens way too often! Getting them a portable charger will genuinely ensure stress-free living.

7Duffel bag

We all have so many things to carry with us on a daily basis. Laptops, chargers, phone, keys, etc. And the same thing goes for guys. Getting them a fancy duffel bag or even a backpack to carry all of their belongings is a gift that will last them for many years.


Every guy, ever, loves a new pair of sneakers. Getting them their favorite Jordan’s or any hot kicks on the market will put a smile on their face!


A watch has always been a simple and classic gift for anyone, and you can never go wrong with a good watch or even an apple watch if they don’t already have one.

10Monthly care package

Get them a monthly box of all their favorite things for a whole year. There are countless care package shipping companies that deliver almost anything. You can send them a monthly subscription of their favorite snacks, coffee, chocolate, or even a shaving or shower set.

11Travel Caddy

If he travels often, get him an Airhook for his travel comfort! The device hooks over the top of the tray table, allowing them to hold a beverage and rest their phone, kindle or iPad without lowering the tray table. Hello, extra leg space and more comfortable travel!