Gone are the days when people would just settle for good quality music. Today, listeners need than just an excellent rhythmic and lyrical composition. They need something that will catch their eye. After all, video killed the radio star, right?

It’s a modern-day phenomenon – you have to show it, or it didn’t happen. Amidst the virtual storm of numerous entertainment options, music holds on to its place by utilizing the visual aesthetics of music videos.

Music videos are a clever way of catching a listener’s attention because a tune in itself may be forgotten, but when it’s paired with visual cues, it forms a stronger association in the brain of individuals, making the neural connections forming that memory stronger.

And who better to demonstrate the power of music videos than Queen B? We’re listing Beyonce’s steamiest and most sensual music videos.

5If I Were a Boy

“If I Were a Boy” music video is more about the lyrics than the steamy hot moves of our beloved Bey. This music video shows Beyonce as a sexy woman cop who is not happy with the man she is. She does do a frisky frisking scene during the video if you want a bit of heat.

4Best Thing I Never Had

Unlike other videos of her, Beyonce rocks a clean and graceful bikini look in this music video. It’s all about her getting ready for the wedding, and the music video starts with her dressed in white lingerie with garters and stockings. We love Queen B for keeping her love affair minimal.

3Baby Boy

Beyoncé steams off in her bedazzled top in this iconic music video. She does intimate scenes while lying on a bed made from fur, and then she can be seen dancing with other dancers on a beach. This song is all about exotic landscapes and sexy attires.


Beyonce looks her sexiest in a music video that is apparently about a house that is haunted. She dons black lace apparel and a thong – which undoubtedly has a sex appeal. This video features the singer jumping up and down on a bed with stockings and nothing more. It is sexy and dark, but mostly really, very, hot when queen B does it.

1Dance For You

Strips off her coat, dances in a sexually provocative way, and gives the audience a run for their life. Yup, sounds like the streamy winner. This song is super sultry and can turn anyone on if they watch late at night in bed.

Image credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com