Handcuffs are one of the most popular sex toys for a reason. They’re versatile, simple to use, and really fun. You might think the only way to use handcuffs is around your wrists, but there’s actually a ton of ways to get creative with them. So next time you want to spice things up between the sheets, here are some fun ideas:

Handcuff you and your partner’s wrists together

Although basic, handcuffing your wrist to your partner’s wrist is super effective. It’ll be challenging, but it’s a fun way to think of new sex positions.

Handcuff to a chair

One of the best ways to get creative in bed is by using props. And for this position, all you need it a chair, a pair of handcuffs, and a playful mindset. One fun way is handcuffing both of your partner’s wrists to a chair while they watch you undress.

Handcuff your wrists behind your back

Handcuffing your wrists together behind your back is the perfect way to spice up doggy style and give your partner complete control.


Handcuffs are perfect for roleplay because it makes it simple: you can be the cop or the criminal, and either way is just as fun.

Use them with blindfolds

If handcuffs alone aren’t kinky enough for you, using them with other sex toys is a super fun way to experiment. Handcuff your partner’s wrists together and tie a blindfold around their eyes, and you’ve got yourself a fun night ahead.

Use them with foreplay

Save the handcuffs for foreplay, so you have more freedom when you actually have sex. It’s an exciting way to turn someone on and get ready for the action.

Handcuff your wrists together

Handcuffing your wrists together is a fun way to give your partner complete control of what they do to you, but you still have some room to play around.