It’s self-care month and the perfect time to start work on ourselves inside and out. To do that, we must begin with our toxic habits we need to break before 2019 is over. Let’s make 2020 more prosperous and happy!


Not many people recognize their caffeine addiction. It’s so popular that society doesn’t even see it as a bad habit anymore. As much as we show off our PSLs on Instagram, we often forget that drinking excessive amounts of caffeine can do a lot of damage in the long run, not only health-wise (heart and kidney issues) but also mentally. If you’re suffering from mood issues, stress, or depression, try limiting your coffee intake. Focus on getting an adequate amount of sleep, instead, to wake up more energized and happy.

Ignoring your health

When was the last time you went to the doctor’s office or a dentist? Or even just simply listened to your body and how you feel? Many people ignore their health even when they suffer from fatigue, headaches, back pain, or even indigestion. A lot of these symptoms can mean a lot of things, and if we ignore our bodies and health, it can turn into a more severe issue in the future. To break this habit, try to get a doctor’s check-up at least once a year, check your body for any new moles or changes, and write everything in a little health diary. Listen more to your body and drink enough fluids.

Not setting goals

I believe it is essential to know where you’re headed in life, where you see your life in the future, and what you’re doing to achieve those goals. It’s never a good thing to wake one day and find that you may have wasted your life not achieving your goals and not being motivated to work hard. So be present in life and be bold! Plan your goals based on your talents and passions, and don’t be afraid to explore or try new things. You will most definitely experience life to the fullest when you do.

Taking yourself for granted

Your own self and ideas can mostly cause the most awful/toxic thing in your life. Don’t speak negatively of yourself, and try to always keep a positive mindset in life. Yes, sometimes things don’t work out as you might have hoped, whether it’s relationships, work, or overall goals, but that doesn’t mean you should blame yourself for every failure or mishap in your life. You should learn to love yourself before you expect other people to love you. Take care of your mind, soul, and body!

You got this, and we believe in you.

Not reading

Knowledge is a beautiful thing. The more you feed your mind new ideas and information, the happier and more fulfilling your quality of life will be. Don’t be that person who stresses out over silly opinions on social media. Give yourself 5 minutes a day to read something new and learn new information that will, for sure, positively influence the way you think and how you communicate and understand others. Work on becoming a great listener and respecting other people’s points of view and background. Guaranteed to make everyone impressed with your mind.