Remember when you were little and looked forward to all that Halloween candy? Ah, those were the good old days. All we had to worry about were other little kids dressed like ghosts and the monsters in our closet and under the bed. Easy, peasy.

Now, the monsters hide in our fridge, which is absolutely horrendous because that’s where everything delicious is supposed to live. NYC-based chef and nutritionist, Nicolette Pace, likes to call these monsters food ghosts. We prefer the scarier version to exorcise our desire to reach for those fridge handles late at night.

To get rid of the monsters once and for all, Pace suggests a number of techniques you can follow through Halloween and beyond.

Eat Often

You should constantly fuel your body throughout the day and fortify it from the late-night monsters. Stick to a schedule if possible, so your body knows to expect food at specific times. Skipping meals means you won’t have enough (will)power to fight cravings at night.

Protect Your Home

Keep that candy away from your house! Clear your pantry and cupboards of any foods you overindulge in, such as cookies and chips. Stock the house with healthier, pre-portioned, snacks.

Quit the diet

Instead of following a strict diet, eat intuitively and in moderation. Banning foods means they come back with a vengeance. So enjoy an occasional treat when you’re out.


Getting enough sleep lowers cortisol and chases away the munchies. We’re much more likely to overeat when we’re looking for an energy boost from not getting enough sleep.

Chase boredom away

Stop the mindless snacking when you’re bored. Have a list of activities handy that you can use instead of snacking. Maybe you can go for an evening walk or call a friend instead of reaching for ice cream.

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps with weight-regulation along with managing depression and reducing stress. As a result, natural endorphins discourage emotional eating.