Remember when Brad Pitt got involved with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith back in 2004? Of course, you do. He left America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, for his co-star. The betrayal rocked fans just as years earlier Eddie Fisher’s departing Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor shocked fandom. Common garden variety marital infidelity will always pique our interest, but every now and then along comes a scandal that still raises eyebrows years later. Here’s a sampling we still can’t get over.

Tristan Thompson on Khloe Kardashian

The Alleged Cheating: Cavaliers basketball player Tristan Thompson was caught on tape fooling around with two women. Could the timing have been any worse? Yes. Here’s how. The first cheating news came this year just two weeks after the announcement that he and Khloe Kardashian were expecting their first child together. The second instance of cheating came just a few days before Khloe’s due date. That’s when more videos and pictures emerged online of Tristan with a woman in New York City.

How Are They Now? Appearances indicate the couple are still together. Khloe and Tristan have been seen out lunching and partying together.

Evan Felker With Miranda Lambert

The Alleged Cheating: Evan and Miranda started touring together in early February this year. When the tour ended, the Turnpike Troubadours frontman allegedly skipped the flight home to his wife of 18 months in Oklahoma and continued traveling with the country singer. Evan told Staci Felker via email, “I’m not coming home this week,” before full-on ghosting her.

How Are They Now? Evan supposedly blindsided his wife by filing for divorce. Miranda posted a cryptic photo smiling in front of a mirror with the words written in red, “I do this thing called whatever I want.” Staci posted her own teary-eyed picture on Instagram saying, “PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you.”

Kevin Hart on Eniko Parrish

The Admitted Cheating: A video leaked online forced Kevin to backtrack on his initial denial that he had been two-timing with another woman in July 2017. The Jumangi star called himself irresponsible and said he made “a bad error in judgment.” He added, “I’m guilty, regardless of how it happened and what was involved.”

How Are They Now? Eniko and Kevin are still together.

Jay-Z on Beyoncé

The Admitted Cheating: Jay-Z admitted his cheating in an interview with T: The New York Times Style Magazine. The rapper also told Dean Baquet that he and Beyoncé were “using their art almost like a therapy session.”  Jay-Z said their marital strife informed their music making. Beyoncé will never forget

“Becky with the good hair” from the Destiny’s Child singer’s Lemonade album, although they may never know who “Becky” actually is. Jay-Z’s past infidelities are the subject of several songs on the album.

How Are They Now? Beyoncé and Jay-Z currently are on another world-wide tour together.

Ozzy Osbourne on Sharon Osbourne

The Alleged Cheating: The couple’s 34-year marriage almost came to a crashing halt in 2016 after articles appeared saying the Black Sabbath musician had an affair with a hairstylist. Sharon revealed her pain on her talk show, The View, but months later publicly forgave her husband.

How Are They Now? Sharon said back in 2016 that they two were working on reconciling their marriage. “It’s going take a long time to trust, but we’ve been together 36 years, 34 of marriage … I just can’t think of my life without him,” she said then.

Gavin Rossdale on Gwen Stefani

The Alleged Cheating: Gwen kept her secret for months before confiding in her fellow The Voice judge, Blake Shelton. She had found out that her husband of 14 years was involved with their nanny. Blake and Miranda Lambert were divorcing at the same time, and Gwen has said she found comfort that he was going through “the exact same thing.”

How Are They Now? Gwen and Blake fell in love. The No Doubt singer divorced Gavin.

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