A No. 1 New York Times bestseller is celebrating its 25th anniversary. That seems fitting for the relationship book that thousands of Amazon reviewers say keeps their marriages going strong. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts has been earning praises since it’s publication, and it’s still going strong. Almost 13,000 people have given it an average rating of 4.8 on Amazon.

A happy, long lasting, and easy marriage can be built on identifying your partner’s love language and learning to speak it yourself, according to Chapman. That’s vital in relationships, because we all speak a different love language. Some partners look for acts of service and crave physical touch. Others prize words of encourage and quality time spent together. Give a wrong interpretation of your partner’s love language and your relationship can head for the rocky shores of discord quickly.

You don’t have to be married to recognize the value in Chapman’s simple premise. One reviewer says, “I truly believe everyone could benefit from reading this book, even if you aren’t in a relationship! I have learned so much about myself and it has made my relationship so much stronger, I wish I would have bought it sooner.”

Even romantics who think their relationships are just fine, thank you very much, can recognize the value of Chapman’s advice. Said another reviewer, “My husband bought this, and at first I was offended. I didn’t think anything was wrong with us and I took it as kind of a personal attack. However, we started reading it together and it has just strengthened our marriage. It has helped me realize that we are two different people at the core, so what works for me isn’t what best works for him and vice versa. I would recommend to anybody in a relationship that wants it to be long lasting!”

Chapman is an author, speaker, counselor and director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. He travels the world presenting seminars to help people form lasting relationships.

To discover your own personal language of love, check out this series of questions on Chapman’s website. In addition, The 5 Love Languages helps you and your partner gain insight into each other with  questions, discussions, and activities.

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