Mila Kunis added another layer of cool to the saga of her romance with Ashton Kutcher when she revealed on the Conan show the price of their wedding rings: a whopping $100. And she passed up Tiffany’s and went to online craft marketplace Etsy to find them. Host Conan O’Brien set the stage for the revelation when he noticed on Mila’s wedding ring. “It’s not showy,” Conan said. “It’s not incredibly flashy, which I think is cool.”

“So my husband and I got married,” Mila said. “He got me a beautiful engagement ring. Like, stunning, stunning, stunning.” Kunis and Kutcher began dating in 2012 and got engaged in 2014. Kutcher gave the actress an understated, five-carat, round solitaire diamond. The simple band has no baguettes and no insets.

“But for our wedding bands, for when we got married, I decided to just get them off Etsy,” she continued. “And so our wedding bands are from Etsy.” Mila and her husband Ashton Kutcher married very privately in July of last year.

“I’ve been talking to you for years, and I’ve always loved the fact that you are frugal,” Conan said.

“That’s a nice way of saying cheap,” Mila responded, laughing.

She explained that she wanted an understated wedding ring. “I wanted the thinnest possible platinum band. It’s super, super thin,” she said. “And then I went and looked at how much — ‘They’re how much? This is astronomical.’”

Mila said she was “appalled” by the expensive price tags in some of the more conventional jewelry stores. She didn’t want her wedding bands to be pricey or ostentatious.

“I went on Etsy and it was like, $90, and I was like, ‘Buy now!'”

“Ashton’s is $100,” Mila said, “so technically his was a little bit more expensive than mine.” The actress said she seldom wears her gorgeous engagement ring. “My engagement ring is beautiful,” Mila said. “But I don’t ever wear it. But she said she wears the thin, platinum wedding band with everything and everywhere.

“This ring, I’m like, ‘It’s $90!’ It’s great.”

“The person on Etsy had no idea whose ring they were making but they were wonderful and very nice and polite and generous,” Mila said.

The Bad Moms actress and her husband are earning a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most low-key and most down-to-earth couples. They have a daughter named Wyatt who is almost two years old and they are now expecting their second baby together.

Mila has even talked about being shamed for breastfeeding in public at the Bad Moms premiere. She says she thinks new mothers should not be judged for breastfeeding wherever and whenever they want. “If it’s not for you, don’t look,” the actress says.