How many times have you been faced with a style faux pas? Maybe you put together a banging outfit just to have it end up failing when you actually put it on. Here are some style hacks that will make nearly every woman’s life a little easier.

How to pair wide leg jeans with boots.

Some people think you shouldn’t wear wide legged jeans with boots and that it can only be pulled off with either boot cut jeans or skinny jeans. That is not true.  If you’re wearing wide leg jeans and want to wear boots, here’s how to properly tuck. First, fold the bottom of the pants leg up to right under the calf. Take the fold and fold again to the left or right. Hold the fold and put a long sock over the bottom of the jean to hold the pants leg in place. And that’s it, slip your boot on and go!

Are those tight shoes killing your feet?

Have you had a beautiful pair of shoes that you couldn’t enjoy wearing because they were too tight. Instead of going through the pain of “breaking them in”, try this instead. Take two Zip Lock bags and fill them about half way with water. Place the bag in the toe area of the shoe and then place them in the freezer. In no time, your shoe will stretch to comfort.

Are you wearing those jeans & ankle boots correctly?

A big No No when wearing jeans and ankle boots is putting the jeans over the boots. Instead, roll the boot leg jean up to your calf.  This look is much hotter!

Ripped jeans a little too ripped?

Ripped jeans can be fashionable, but if your jeans have gone overboard, here’s a fix. Take some swanky colorful patches from other old fabric you don’t wear anymore and stitch them over your holes. It will breath whole new life into your jeans.

Do those stripes make you look fat?

Certain stripes make you look more flattering depending on body type. Here’s a hint that should help… If you wish to look wider and curvier, wear horizontal stripes. On the other hand, if your goal is to look taller or either slimmer, wear vertical stripes.

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