Can you believe Britney Spears was just 16 years old when she released the icon hit “Baby One More Time” on her debut album? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the song, and who better to commemorate it than teen sensation Caroline Romano!

If you haven’t heard of Caroline yet, she’s only one of the hottest rising talents in pop music! This girl opened for Daya and Shawn Mendes. Need we say more?

In the video, she shows you a step-by-step routine, not only to nail the look from Britney’s iconic music video but also how to ensure it doesn’t slide off into a hot mess by the end of the Halloween party. Also, it’s extremely fun to watch this 17-year-old sweetheart tackle those late ’90s trends.

“If there’s a time and place for extreme lipliner, this is the time and place,” according to Caroline. Go on with your bad self, girl, and line those ’90s lips! It’s Caroline, b*tch!

PS guys! Caroline’s new video is out, so check it out below: