If you haven’t seen the many trailers for the new Christmas movie featuring Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke, you’re seriously missing out. Last Christmas is due to come out on Nov. 8, so in just a few days, we’ll see if it lives up to all the hype.

The romantic comedy features the two well-known celebrities with Emilia Clarke as Kate, who seems like she doesn’t have her life together whatsoever. Henry Golding plays Tom, who appears to be just as handsome and charming as his character was in Crazy Rich Asians.

The movie takes place in London during Christmas time (obviously) and hits all our romantic comedy Christmas movie needs. It is directed by Emma Thompson and includes a soundtrack by George Michael.

You might be thinking that November is a bit early to release a Christmas movie, but in 2019 there’s no such thing as “too early” to get into the Christmas spirit.

Last Christmas is Clarke’s newest production after playing the iconic Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. Clarke revealed a bit about her experience with the movie on an interview with NPR.

“No, she’s not the mother of dragons. She’s got mother-of-dragon tendencies … Yeah, so Kate — she is your anti-heroine.” Clarke revealed about her character, Kate. “We’re quite used to seeing, I think, in rom-coms a sort of perfect depiction of a young lady — and that ain’t Kate.”

A Christmas movie wouldn’t be a Christmas movie without some singing, and considering this movie features a George Michael soundtrack, there are high expectations.

“Oh, it was incredibly nerve-wracking, because I care so much about singing, and I’m genuinely at my happiest when I am singing,” Clarke said about her singing in the movie.

The movie comes out in theaters in just a few days, so grab a box of tissues and get your head in the Christmas mindset, because we’re expecting big things from Last Christmas.

Check out the trailer to see for yourself: