There are different types of clothes, and some of them should be washed differently and more frequently than others. We’re identifying the various clothing pieces and answering the question of how often they need to be cleaned. Our clothes need to be washed just the right amount to ensure their longevity, appearance, and fit.

Let’s start with the one we all wear, underwear.


For the ladies, underwear includes camisoles, bras, panties, shorts, or any item worn as an undergarment. For the men, it’s their briefs, boxers, and singlets too. Now, apart from bras, shorts, and maybe singlets, all underwear should be washed after each wear. This way, they’re clean and dry for next use. As anyone who’s run out of underwear knows, it becomes a dire situation quickly. The rest can be washed after 2-4 wears.


Frequent washing denim diminishes its quality, color, wear, and even fitting. Hence with jeans, washing should be a lot less frequent. If you’re wearing the same pair of jeans every day for seven days, then you can wash them after a week. Also, jeans should be air-dried and not put in the dryer!

Dresses, shirts, skirts, and trousers

These can be washed based on discretion or after about three wears depending on the color, thickness, and fabric.

Sweaters, Jackets, Coats

Unless you’ve spilled something on either of these garments, you do not need to wash them often. Many times, you can air dry them to prevent the sweat smell from settling. This will save you a few washes. These items could be cleaned after about 5-7 wears each.

Gym Wear

Your gym wear, both tops, and bottoms should be washed at least after every two wears. This prevents dirt from accumulating and also prevents the occurrence of skin-related conditions like rashes or acne.


Finally, your sleepwear can be washed after about three wears. This is on the condition that you shower before bed.