When American Horror Story renewed with another season, it came as a shock for viewers when they heard that Evan Peter would not be making it to season 9. First airing on September 18, season 9, titled ‘American Horror Story: 1984’, has a lot in the bank for the viewer. Read ahead as we unravel the most coveted secrets and theories about season 9.

Who’s missing in season 9?

We found out Evan Peters wasn’t going to be in this season through his interview on GQ. He is reportedly taking a break from the strenuous pressure that the show places on him – which is justified. The break came right around the time he and his co-star Emma Roberts broke off their real-life engagement.

Along with Evan, Billy Eichner and Sarah Paulson will also be sitting out on the season.

Will Season 9 be the last?

Apparently not. Luckily for us, there will be ten seasons, which will be aired through 2020. So, relax, don’t have that existential crisis just yet.

Interesting Theories? Yes Please!

Murphy is known for leaving behind Easter eggs in each of American Horror Story seasons. All seasons carry hints about the upcoming seasons. Apocalypse has references to travel and aliens – which could mean that the following season might revolve around the space race since there are already hints about the 80s throat-slashing.

The most compelling theory was posted by a Reddit user who claimed that all the seasons carry a reference to a circle of hell from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. Each season mentions the deadly sins, and that means that season 9 would be the end of it all – unless season ten starts in hell – or the theory gets disproved.

Where’s it all leading?

As expected, we see something similar to the 80s trend in horror — some brutal and ruthless murders with knife slashing bodies and midnight stalking. There are plenty of twists and turns this season, like all others. It’s safe to say that by this season’s end, we’ll most likely have a lot of new faces and theories.