The end of a relationship, whether mutual, unwarranted, or one-sided, can leave one emotionally traumatized for an extended period. While some may feel relieved, others feel lost, alone, and in a lot of pain. People have different ways of conveying and handling these feelings. Some methods are healthier than others. We’re highlighting some healthy ways you can get back on your feet after a breakup.

Find Solitude

You’re dealing with a whole world of pain that can overwhelm and crush you if you’re on this journey alone. You’ll need to surround yourself with people who love you the most. In this circle of solitude, you’ll find strength, understanding, relief, and, most importantly, the ability to move on. It will not happen in a day, but surrounding yourself with people whose energies you can draw strength from will help you get back on your feet in due time.

Restorative Activities

This is a method of dealing with the hurt you’re going through. Rather than soak your pillows every night with tears, you can practice some self-help techniques aimed at processing all you feel. These activities could be something zen like yoga, or it could be a soothing activity like writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Both actions trigger healing and are healthier ways of dealing with pain.

Focus on Yourself

Rather than shield your pain or act out by starting another relationship, you can put the same energy into investing in yourself. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Places you’ve dreamt of visiting or people you want to meet? Set a path to achieve that. Try to be the source of your happiness and not let someone else wield that power.

Lastly, after all this, you may still crave a sense of closure. Live your life and be the best you can be.