Yes, an iced caramel macchiato frappuccino with extra caramel drizzle is delicious, but it’s definitely not low in calories. Ordering drinks at Starbucks not only get expensive, but they also get pricey too. It’s unbelievable how high-calorie drinks can get without ever realizing it.

But, the best thing about Starbucks is that there are tons of choices that are better for you and still taste amazing. Here are a few healthy Starbucks drinks you can go for next time you’re looking to save a few calories:

Skinny Vanilla Latte

See, you can still enjoy a flavored latte without the guilt. Skinny vanilla latte is a whopping 100 calories with a few shots of espresso, steamed milk, and delicious vanilla syrup.

Shaken Tazo Iced Black Tea Lemonade

Starbuck’s iced teas are amazing, and the shaken black tea lemonade does not disappoint. It’s delicious and refreshing, with only 70 calories for a tall size.

Nonfat Iced Caramel Macchiato

You can still have an iced caramel macchiato and still be healthy!! That is, if you get it nonfat, it cuts down on a lot of the calories. This decadent drink is only 140 calories and 7 grams of protein.

Chai Tea Latte

A hot chai latte is a perfect drink on a cold winter night. Chai tea lattes are absolutely delicious and only 200 calories, so you can enjoy it all year long.

Iced Skinny Latte

An iced latte that’s good for you? Say no more. A tall size is only 60 calories, so you can even go up a size (or two) without packing up the calories.

Caramel Frappuccino Light Blended Beverage

A frappuccino that’s low in calories?! How could that be? Well, Starbucks somehow does it using nonfat milk to lower the fat and calorie limit with only 100 calories and completely fat-free.

Nonfat Cappuccino

Cappuccinos are creamy, flavorful, and decadent. And although all the foamed milk can add calories, this nonfat cappuccino cuts them down without sacrificing any of the creaminess.