We all know that Kylie Jenner is super-rich; in fact, we’re pretty sure she cemented her place in history as one of the wealthiest people. She even got the title of “The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire in History” at 20 years old. The bulk of all of that money came from the cosmetics brand she started in November 2015.

Her makeup brand, ‘Kylie Cosmetics,’ is the reason why she is where she is at this stage, living her life to the fullest. And like a good CEO, Kylie had posted a video on her YouTube channel with a quick tour of her Kylie Cosmetic Glam Office. Naturally, the internet went wild, and we’re proper jealous.

The video starts with Kylie standing of a pair of two huge glass doors with the Kylie Cosmetics logo printed in the middle. She enters the very glamorous office with her signature pink accents all over. The lobby features six TVs set on the wall, with sofas on the opposite side! Even the receptionist desk is as glamorous, including the colossal neon Kylie logo on the other wall. She also showed us the pink starburst and a jar of M&Ms with her face printed on it.

As she proceeds to the next area, Kylie states that when they started making the office, there was quite literally nothing in this enormous space. It was just an empty building. But now that she upgraded it, they decorated it with tons of comfortable sofas and plants. There’s even a large shelf-like table with pretty much every magazine that she and her family had been on. And of course, the iconic lip kit walls decorate an entire wall with its various colors. Check out her full office tour below.

All of the glam and style that she put into decorating her beautiful office made us all swoon and wish that we all could be as glamorous as Kylie Jenner. Can we please get adopted by this fam?