Relationships can be complicated. And long-distance relationships are especially tricky. As much as you may love and cherish the other person, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Stringing the other person along is never a solution. So if you’re considering ending your relationship due to the distance, here are some pointers which may help you decide.

Loss of communication

Couples in long-distance relationships only have communication to keep them going. Unlike normal couples who spend time together by visiting one another or going out together, long-distance couples can only spend time together by calling or video chatting. This is very vital as it ensures the continuity of the relationship. And when it seems like you and your partner can go days without speaking with each other, it may be time to consider whether the relationship can stand the test of time.

Priorities change

When your partner stops checking up on you or stops including you in his/her plans as often as they used to, it’s usually because their priorities have changed. It could be work-related, or it could be because there’s someone else taking up all of his/her time. Whatever the reason, if he/she stops prioritizing you, then it’s time to say goodbye to the relationship and focus on yourself.

The relationship is becoming toxic

If your long-distance relationship is becoming emotionally draining, it may be time to call it quits. If you often fight, often cry, and always feel trapped or attacked, you should consider terminating the relationship for the sake of your sanity and your peace of mind. Removing a toxic relationship from your life gives you a sense of freedom and puts you in a position for great achievements, remember that.

Relationships are hard, everyone knows that, but they’re as hard as diamonds when distance is involved. However, there are still a lot of couples making it work. If you feel like your long-distance relationship is violating your happiness, peace, and progress, it may be time to throw in the towel.