Last night marked the first official presidential debate with Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans. It was everything you’d probably expect, but there was something Hillary Clinton brought up no one was anticipating….the former Miss Universe Donald Trump once called Miss Piggy.

Her name is Alicia Machado. She’s from Venezuela and took home the Miss Universe crown in 1996. Just recently (as in just a few days ago) she became an official American citizen and you better believe she’s getting her revenge against the man who allegedly called her an “eating machine”.


After winning the title, she gained 42lbs back when Donald Trump was the co-owner of Miss Universe Organization. He and other officials threatened to take away the then 19 year-old’s crown unless she lost weight. He hired her a trainer to help her get the weight off before she would have to pass the crown on to the next winner in 1997.

Here’s what Trump told People Magazine back in 1997, “We want her to stay as Miss Universe, and she is working on her problem.”  He went on to say, “When you win a beauty pageant people don’t think you’re going to go from 118 to 160 in less than a year, and you really have an obligation to stay in perfect physical shape.”

Machado who is now 39 took to her Instagram to share who she’ll be voting for. She said that she is proud to be an American citizen and will definitely be sending all of her power to Mrs. Clinton.

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