20-year-old homecoming queen Gigi Hadid landed a coveted spot as September’s W Magazine cover model, and the good news for Hadid doesn’t stop there. As the interview reminds us, she is rich and only getting richer.

Along with her pals Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, the mag names Hadid a “Post It Girl,” or a model with a persona, built and sustained on social media. She’s also a rarity, which is part of where all that money comes in: she tows the line between commercial and elite work. More importantly, W Mag reminds us in her profile, Hadid was raised by wealthy parents.

“I have always been aware of the business side of this industry,” she told the mag, “I’ve always seen it as a career that required work and planning.” The conniving model was “raised in a wealthy Santa Barbara enclave, but her manner is always intentionally polite, to counter the assumption that, as she put it, ‘I’m a stuck-up bitch because of how I grew up.'”

Do you get the idea? If not, here it is again: “Hadid’s pedigree.. definitely smoothed her path.” She did rich person things, like “competing in horse shows and joined the volleyball team.” She’s even “remarkably unfazed by the razzle-dazzle of the jetset world.”


She even had access to more baking ingredients than you did: “When I was 15, my mom put me on dessert duty for Christmas, and I didn’t just make one cake. I made many cakes, cupcakes with Santa Claus faces, a reindeer sleigh made out of candy, dozens of cookies, and I would have kept going, but she told me to stop.”

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