There are plenty of ultra-fabulous and incredibly fancy beauty products on the market these days, and although they are deeply adored by many, there’s something to be said about the classics. Tried-and-true, and at a super cheap price, Vaseline might be the epitome of a cult-classic beauty product that has withstood the test of time, and is still one of the original multi-tasking products in the industry.

Dr. Samer Jaber and Dr. Grace Bandow, NYC-based Dermatologists, know this better than anyone. During a medical mission to Jordan, Dr. Jaber and Dr. Bandow worked tirelessly to provide relief for refugees suffering from various skin ailments. By partnering with The Vaseline Healing Project and Direct Relief, these dermatologists were able to provide medical supplies and medications to impact the skin health of the Syrian refugee community.  “We were inspired to learn that a simple product like Vaseline could make an enormous difference in the daily life of someone living on the front lines of crisis and disaster,” says Dr. Bandow. I wish it didn’t sound so dramatic, but Vaseline changes lives.

For those of us lucky to have such a useful product at our constant disposal, we spoke with Dr. Jaber and Dr. Bandow to find out a few extra uses for Vaseline that you might not have realized. Read on for various beauty hacks thanks to this miracle jelly!

  1. Rub it on Your Eyelashes. For thicker-looking lashes, smooth Vaseline onto your eyelashes. It’ll create a shinier look and is even thought to make them grow faster.
  2. Prevent Self-Tanning Mistakes.  Place Vaseline on elbows, knees and ankles before applying self-tanner. You’ll avoid the unsightly look of an uneven tan and dark splotches in these drier areas post-application.
  3. Give Yourself a Glow. For an instantly sexy sheen, rub some Vaseline onto your legs or cheekbones (or both!). It’ll give you that subtle glow of ultra-hydrated skin.  
  4. Soothe Cracked Cuticles. Using a small bit of Vaseline, apply to the cuticles to prevent any cracking due to over washing or harsh weather conditions.
  5. Insert Earrings Easily. Sometimes after not wearing earrings for awhile, it can be a bit difficult to insert an earring. Easily slide the post into your ear by applying a bit of Vaseline to the area beforehand.
  6. Heal a Sore Nose. After suffering from the flu or a nasty cold, a red, sore nose can be an unsightly consequence of your illness. Vaseline can add back moisture and soothe the flare up.
  7. Moisturize Scaly Skin. “We saw many patients with deep, painful fissures [cracks] in their skin which made walking or working painful and sometimes impossible.  Vaseline acts as a barrier to heal and protect these cracks and soothe dry skin,” explains Dr. Bandow. So, rub Vaseline on scaly spots to heal those trouble areas.
  8. Help Heal Burns. Vaseline is a great healing aide for minor burns from a fire or even sunburn. “Burns are a big problem as well, as the refugees have to prepare meals and cook using open flames. I gave patients Vaseline as it is an effective and efficient treatment for most burns,” says Dr. Jaber.
  9. Soften Hardened Heels. “One of my favorite home remedies for dry or calloused feet is to treat them with this overnight regimen: before bed, take a warm shower or soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes while gently exfoliating the outer dry layers of skin. Then pat dry and apply a lotion with a mild acid-like salicylic or lactic acid. Finally, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly and then a pair of socks to leave in place throughout the night,” explains Dr. Bandow.
  10. Create a DIY Scrub. Mix in a bit of sea salt or sugar with Vaseline to create a quick, exfoliating scrub to smooth over your entire body.
  11. Wipe Away Makeup. Dab Vaseline onto a cotton ball and swipe over makeup to remove it without any harsh tugging and rubbing.
  12. Remove Stuck Rings. Ever get a ring stuck on a swollen finger due to a particularly hot day? Forget the butter and put some Vaseline on it. The ring will slide off in no time!
  13. Protect New Tattoos. Keep new tattoos hydrated and protected by slathering on Vaseline every few hours.
  14. Heal Small Cuts. Place Vaseline onto small cuts to speed up the healing process. “I use Vaseline in nearly all of my post-operative patients to improve barrier protection and wound healing,” says Dr. Bandow.
  15. Remove False Eyelash Glue. It might be tempting to rip those false eyelashes off your lids after a night out, but the skin around your eyes is super delicate, so smudge on some Vaseline with a cotton swab and slowly peel away.
  16. Relieve Chapped Lips. Carry a small tub of Vaseline in your bag for an immediate lip softener.
  17. Boost Your Serums. After applying your nightly serum or eye cream, dab on a bit of Vaseline. The thick jelly prevents moisture from evaporating so it will seal in the first layer of product, boosting the effectiveness of the ingredients.
  18. Prevent Chafing. If you’re prone to chafing, dab a bit of Vaseline on your sore spots before heading out. Your skin will glide against itself instead of painfully rubbing.
  19. Improve Eczema Symptoms. Vaseline helps to relieve itchiness from eczema symptoms and soothe the irritated skin.
  20. Protect Against Hair Dye Mishaps. Put Vaseline along the hairline where hair dye might slide onto the skin, creating unsightly patches. The Vaseline will prevent it from adhering to the skin and leaving a mark.

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